Model railways, real trains, and real Christian fellowship!
Model railways, real trains, and real Christian fellowship!

Ken Coombes’ Story


I became involved with model railways and  trains in general at a very young age. I grew up in a family where model trains were in the blood. My dear dad (now deceased), with his father, and my 2 uncles, were all involved with ‘O’ gauge.

These were all scratch built after the war.

As I lived close to the main western line in the inner west, so as a young fellow I could watch all the steamers go up and down the line with both passenger and goods trains.

I became  involved with the fellowship at a very early stage, there were just two other men, Ray Beharell and Roger Dohnt.

 I felt that there was a need to get the Gospel message out to other men, to use the fellowship as an avenue of reaching men for CHRIST. I felt that by using trains and model trains in particular, it was like putting a line out to catch men and using the trains as a bait.

The LORD has been good to us in keeping the fellowship going and we have faithfully preached the Gospel. I think this is why the Fellowship has not died, and we hope to continue with our devotions each meeting.

We as a fellowship have been going for well over twenty years.

When you get the train bug it does not leave you.

         Ken Coombes.  

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