Model railways, real trains, and real Christian fellowship!
Model railways, real trains, and real Christian fellowship!

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Welcome to Blue Mountains & Nepean Christian Model Railway Fellowship Member Registration!

We offer free 12-month memberships with the following requirements and benefits:

  • You get unlimited access to free membership content
  • Your membership will require approval by BM&NCMRF Administrators
  • Your membership is a privilege and will be revoked if you abuse your privileges
  • Absolutely no profanity, abuse, swearing, or blaspheme is tolerated in your comments
  • You gain the privilege to…
    1. Join and participate in Bible devotions and Bible studies with other members
    2. You are granted the privilege to comment on our website and participate in any discussions therein
    3. Join our Fellowship in the running of model trains and the maintenance and construction of our model train layouts
    4. Participate in days out with the other Fellowship members

Your account may be suspended or terminated without warning for violation of these guidelines or negligence to maintain your standing with the Fellowship.

Membership is FREE and you can submit your member registration below if you agree with the above guidelines!

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